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Mental Health in Education Show 2023

Friday 23rd June 2023, Peterborough

The Mental Health in Education Show is aimed at those professionals who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing in schools, colleges and universities. This annual show launching this year is at the centre of the National Network of Mental Health Leads and offers education professionals across the UK the opportunity to network, access CPD and see the latest resources. The Show is delighted that Michael Rosen is the headline speaker and will also be joining us to present the first Mental Health in Education Awards.

Headline speaker – Michael Rosen

The Mental Health in Education Show is not a sales show room, it’s the gateway to a wide range of support, resources and expertise refined and aimed at those working in mental health in education from across the country.

  • Network with other Mental Health leads and share knowledge and skills that is relevant to your job role.
  • Access services and products that are carefully selected to be relevant to you and your education setting.
  • Share your challenges and successes with peers and experts who have the same background as you.

Booking your free tickets

The Mental Health in Education Show is like a conference, but with a difference. You set the agenda, you decide which sessions you attend, you decide what time you arrive and leave. Below is the agenda of sessions, once you have your show ticket simply sign up to the ones you want to attend.

1 – Book your show attendance at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/2023-mental-health-in-education-show/

2 – Book the sessions you want to attend:

TimeMain RoomSeminar Room
09.30National Trends in Mental Health Strategy
Richard Daniel Curtis will be presenting national data gathered on mental health and wellbeing provision gathered through the free school and college audit tool (https://audit.mentalhealthlead.com).
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-1/
Primary Mental Health Lead Networking
An opportunity to meet with other leads from your own phases.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-1-room-2/
10.30Creating a developmentally informed, trauma aware, nurture approach, to support children and young people’s positive mental health outcomes in schools
Yvonne Monaghan from Nurture International presents a talk on suing the six nurture principles to support mental health.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-5-room-1/
Secondary and Further Education Mental Health Lead Networking
An opportunity to meet with other leads from your own phases.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-2-room-2/
11.30Coaching Skills to Prevent Mental Health Issues
Ian Jefferis presents a seminar aimed at helping schools and colleges understand how they can make effective use of coaching.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-3-room-1/
Monitoring Interventions
An opportunity for leads to discuss with peers what effective monitoring of interventions looks like.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-3-room-2/
12.30 Workspace
Want somewhere to sit down and check emails or catch up on bits? Then this is for you.
Book a space at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/workspace/
13.30Mental Health – Supporting students to support themselves through an online ‘one stop shop’ Resource Hub
Neil Johnson from Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College talks about the development of an online hub for students, staff and parents.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-3/
Senior Leader’s Discussion Group
A chance for senior leaders to engage in group conversations about staff wellbeing, inspections and reporting.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-4-room-2/
14.30Children and young people’s perceptions of provision and processes
In this presentation Dr Alexandra Hennessey and Dr Ola Demkowicz from the Manchester Institute of Education share key findings from a qualitative project where we spoke with a range of children and young people across a diverse range of education settings in England about their views on what wellbeing provision in education settings ought to look like, and how it can be best delivered.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-6/
Michael Rosen signing
Please note that there is a £10 charge for autographs
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/michael-rosen-signing-room-2/
15.30“Write to Feel Right”
Keynote speaker Michael Rosen will be talking about his book, which helps people to dive deep into their emotions, and discover how writing about them can help them explore how they’re feeling, and find healthy ways of dealing with thoughts.
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/seminar-7/
16.30The Mental Health in Education Awards & The National Special Education Needs and Disability Awards
Michael Rosen and Richard Daniel Curtis will be presenting the trophies
Book at https://mentalhealthshows.com/event/mental-health-in-education-awards-room-1/
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