Alison Grimshaw & Yvonne Monaghan.

Putting mental health and wellbeing conversation first.

Alison Grimshaw & Yvonne Monaghan.

Speaking at: Leeds, Peterborough & Newcastle

Alison and Yvonne, joint Nurture International CEOs have thirty years+ experience each working with learners who exhibit social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties.  

Alison’s roles include creating and managing a team of clinical psychologists to focus on supporting learners who had experienced early developmental trauma. Alison has been a distance education tutor at Birmingham University, and is the author of Family SEAL  

Yvonne’s roles include Head of Consultancy and Training for Nurtureuk, co-ordinator for Behaviour at Wigan Authority where one of her roles was to be on the CAMHs partnership board. Yvonne has been the Head of a Primary Special school. 

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